Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fall of the House of Usher

La propriété, c'est le vol. (Property is theft.) - Proudhon

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A Brit currently living in Australia has decided to put his entire life up for auction. Ian Usher is selling his house, car, job and even his friendships to the highest bidder on eBay.

Wow! There are so many angles to that decision it is difficult to know where to begin.

Buddha taught, Empty the boat of your life, O man; when empty it will swiftly sail...

Mr. Usher appears to be driven to this drastic step in order to forget about his ex-wife. Someone needs to tell him that memories are not that easy to purge.

The current bid of $285,000 might buy him a wonderful new life, but only in a 3rd world country. The publicity is likely to be worth even more than that. He should consider doing the talk show circuit in the U.S. and England.

Government leaders might want to consider looking for some unusual way of charging him with a crime. There is a chance he could start a trend, there could be a hundred thousand people in India or China in the market for prepackaged lives of people in countries like Australia, Germany, or the United States.

Pundag, Purulia District 00025

I actually sold most of my possessions twice in my life, keeping only what would fit in a satchel on my shoulder. Admittedly I did not have the collection of things Mr. Usher owns. My truck bought my plane ticket, my possessions provided several years of living expenses, in India that is. Each time I was sucked back into the rather cluttered existence I now lead.

I did learn that possessions are fleeting at best and things do not define a woman or man. I also learned that few people want to be the partner of someone who owns nothing. The people that did want to associate with someone who owned nothing tended to own even less than I did.

All in all I remember those days when I had nothing to lose as among the happiest, most carefree days in my life. I suspect my memories are rather selective, my tourist visa eventually ran out and there was deep snow on the ground when I returned to Philadelphia.

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