Saturday, September 13, 2008

Price of Gas Rises After Ike Strikes

Once again we are repeating the financial disaster that comes after the natural disaster. Oil prices may spike in the aftermath of Ike.

In a country led by thinking people we would have expanded refining capacity in other parts of the nation after seeing the effects of Hurricane Katrina on southern oil production. Of course it takes years to plan and build additional refining facilities but none of that is taking place. People may not want refineries in their backyards but they do want cheap gas in their tanks. The oil companies and oil politicians are quite content with the status quo, and huge profit margins/political donations.

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We still remain at the mercy of oil speculators who may use Ike as opportunity to leach a few billion out of consumer's pockets. Drive less, people, and deprive the speculator gambler of their take!

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