Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Ends, Official Unemployment is 100%. Everyone Just Goes Home

The world ended today. The last person just fired themselves from the last failing business. That person worked at the last remaining blog. They had no more money to pay the electric bill anyway but the power company had gone out of business two hours earlier. Their computer's battery was about to run out anyway.

Four Corners 012494

The official unemployment is estimated to be 100% but nobody really knows. The governments all shut down weeks ago. The government workers took their office furniture home with them to burn for heat.

Stock markets all around the world went to zero. The last shares of Apple Inc., the computer company, sold for ten dollars each but that person could not find a buyer to sell those shares to.

All the farms are now closed because the farmers had no money left to buy genetically modified seeds or fuel. There are hardly any regular, organic seeds left to plant. There are some peasant farmers that will plant some non-GMO seeds in the spring.

Most people just expect to starve to death in a few days or weeks. Many folks living in Northern countries will freeze before they actually starve. Quite a few people have started walking South but they are not expected to make it. The South is too crowded for any more people to go there anyway.

Some people are trying hunting but since they have no money for bullets they are forced to use bow and arrows or traps. So many people have taken up hunting most of the wild game have been caught and eaten anyway.

I have to go now because my neighbors have noticed that I have a solar panel on my roof and that my computer is still working. They are banging on my front door, they want to send e-mails. I do not have the heart to tell them the Internet already closed down this morning.

Oh, well.

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