Saturday, November 29, 2008

Letter To The Pakistani People

Dear Pakistan,

The rest of the world is sick and tired of dealing with your dirty laundry. While we do not directly blame you for the recent attacks in Mumbai and we understand how tough it is for you to control your Western tribal areas and perhaps A.Q. Khan's dispersal of nuclear weapon technology was just an oversight, enough is enough. The security situation in your country must change soon.

Pakistanis must admit to themselves that cleaning up the problems within Pakistan's borders is going to require outside help. It is not enough that you are willing to overlook U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and their Hellfire missiles.

Radio-controlled model airplanes alone are not enough. You need more boots on the ground and you need them fast. You need to allow NATO, UN or perhaps even Indian forces to help you clean up the mess within your borders. Now is not the time to resort to nationalist slogans. You need to stop heeding the shouts of the gun merchants in Peshawar and start listening to the international community.

National Cemetery 075406

We understand your nation suffers as much from terror attacks as your neighbors. We have not forgotten the bombing of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. We know that your mosques, schools, and army convoys have also been subject to many bombings. That activity all must be brought to a halt now.

Ask for help, the world will not think any less of your great nation if you do so. Invite assistance from your friends and neighbors, that's what good neighbors are for.

If you do nothing, solutions may be forced upon you. If you do nothing the dry rot will continue until one day you may find that you no longer have a functional government or any security whatsoever. If you do nothing there will be more grave consequences for the world community and for Pakistan. If you do nothing, Pakistan will start to resemble Somalia.

Look abroad for new solutions. Look now. Invite assistance. Get professional help now, before it is too late.


The Rest of the World

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