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Using Your iPhone (or other Smartphone) To Avoid Traffic

Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success. - Thomas Edison, inventor

UPDATE 22/12/08: Avego offers iPhone users a tool, Avego Shared Transport, that allows commuters to grow carpools. Avego web site

Locate the Avego Shared Transport at Apple AppStore

In my last article on this topic I described a new tool that allows people to save time on their daily drive to and from work. Essentially this tool is a software application that helps people find a better way to get to work each day. In addition, there are advanced features that reward frequent users for avoiding major traffic jams and saving fuel. These rewards include cash credits towards debit or credit card accounts or coupons to use towards your next gas purchase.

The application can be used to save driving time by anyone anywhere through a web browser on the Internet.

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However, to qualify for credits users run a form of the application on a GPS-equipped smartphone like Apple's iPhone, the RIMM Blackberry, Google's G1 or other similar GPS-equipped phone models. People who have any type of mobile telephone and a GPS navigation unit in their vehicle also may participate. The incentive program is open to any business, government agency, non-profit organization, and individuals.

If you have a smartphone all you need to do is download the application and use it to learn more about your daily drive to work. After a few days the application will start to offer you suggestions for how to save time or fuel by using a different route or perhaps leaving for work at a slightly different time. Because the application uses real-time traffic information, you can benefit from different suggestions on different days of the week, all year-long.

Besides the immediate time-saving benefits available to each user, entire metropolitan areas benefit from reduced traffic congestion. Whole nations will benefit two major ways:
  1. From the combined fuel-savings earned by many users.
  2. Through the reduced need to build more roads.
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Each week users can generate a report that shows them how much time they saved by using the application. The report will also include relevant time-saving suggestions such as using public transportation, car pools, or van pools.

Car pools and van pools that want to attract more members can register even with the application to reach out to people in their local communities. Contact information will appear in the weekly reports generated by the application. People who belong to a member organizations will also be reminded of programs available to members of that organization. For example, government employees will be made aware of certain programs they may qualify for.

(to be continued...)

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