Saturday, December 06, 2008

What Could Mr. Bush Do Now?

So what could Mr. Bush possibly do that would give unemployed Americans hope between now and January 20th?

Eisenhower Executive Office Building 00035

Here are ten bold ideas:
  1. Ask the firms that recorded the greatest profits in 2008 to voluntarily donate 10% of those profits towards job-creation and training efforts.
  2. Declare that he and VP Cheney will forgo their 2008 pay and invite the wealthiest CEOs (oil, pharmaceutical) and U.S. Senators in the U.S. to do likewise. The money saved should go directly to efforts to reduce the growing number of layoffs and re-train the unemployed.
  3. Order the U.S. Dept of Labor to publicly admit the actual rate of unemployment is 15%, not the fudged numbers of almost 8%.
  4. Order the managers of all Federal agencies to double their efforts to fill all non political-appointee posts between now and January 20.
  5. Ask his Executive Office staff to man an employment hotline to interview new job candidates revealed by #4. Use Executive office funds to sponsor additional job fairs in every major city.
  6. Ask the credit card firms to voluntarily reduce interest charges by 5% on all debt for three to six months.
  7. Ask the presidents of all U.S. colleges and universities to make additional efforts to open their doors to the unemployed seeking to learn new skills.
  8. Demand that major offshore companies and ex-pats either pay their fair share of taxes on money earned in the U.S. or face sanctions.
  9. Order the Department of Justice to begin a major investigation into the causes of the current crisis.
  10. Pardon no white-collar criminals that committed acts of political corruption, financial crimes, and gross corporate theft.

Those are my ideas but I am sure that more intelligent people can quickly identify one hundred other holiday gifts that would go a long way towards lifting this nation out of the quagmire caused by all the rich people's efforts to hoodwink the common, hardworking U.S. citizen.

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