Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Coca-Cola, now Wal-Mart is using Diesel-Electric Hybrids

A few months ago I spotted a new trend on the streets of Maryland's state capital. Coca-Cola had suddenly started using diesel electric hybrid delivery trucks. This hardly seemed surprising with the cost of diesel fuel edging up to $5/gallon at the time.

Hybrid Coca Cola Truck, Annapolis 062151

Now Wal-Mart is considering the use of these diesel electric hybrid trucks.
Reuters article:Wal-Mart testing new hybrid trucks.

London Financial Times article:Wal-Mart tests diesel-electric

Although this truck is a Kenworth, they are looking at the Peterbilt models that use the Eaton hybrid drive system. Medium Duty Hybrids, from Peterbilt site

The leader in this medium-duty hybrid field seems to be Paccar. They are supplying the engines used by Kenworth and Peterbilt.

Hybrid Coca Cola Truck, Annapolis 062154

Link to Paccar

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