Monday, July 20, 2009

Do You Drive Too Fast?

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Young people racing down Route 100 in expensive new BMW European sports cars. Weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds, the foolhardy driver fails to realize the others drivers are already exhausted. Almost to a person they have just finished 9 or more hours at some job that just wears them down every day. Now this caffeine-blasted kid comes sailing through like he's just left the pit at Daytona. A terrible accident just waiting to happen.

Wrecked Jeep

It turns out the person aching for the vehicular homicide conviction was only going two exits on Route 100. He put all the drivers he wildly passed at risk to go three miles.

He has no idea of the extreme risks of the habit he has formed. Driving fast is a very dangerous habit. One day soon he may slam into a mini-van broken down in the road. A more certain outcome is that he will be clearly observed by a police officer in an unmarked car. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but as he cultivates a habit of speeding and driving recklessly the likelihood of one of those outcomes grows with each passing day.

The cost of an accident in terms of damage to the car(s) is nothing compared with physical costs to the humans involved. Death by car accident is quite common in America, it is the leading cause of death for teenagers. A small wreck can often lead to lifelong back problems for accident victims. Standing there beside terrible wrecks I so often see the police and ambulance workers contemplating yet another horrific scene.

The young person speeding along in the BMW gives nary a thought to any of this.

He certainly cannot begin to imagine the nightmare of scenarios that grow out of reckless driving conviction or extra-fast speeding ticket. The new insurance company he will need to find will want many times more premium money than that insurance company that cancelled his last policy.

Since speeding is an addictive habit just like cigarettes drivers that get caught speeding must now spend time and money learning to overcome their addiction. States also revoke the driving privileges of seriously rotten drivers.

I am frequently noticing young men on Ninja motorcycles riding over 100 miles per hour, at rush hour. Groups of them seem appear to assume they hold special immunity to law enforcement officers. By their actions it is obvious they feel immortal. A tiny mistake on a motorcycle going over a hundred will certainly lead to extended hospitalization if not the mortuary. These fellows don't give a thought to how efficiently death brings an end to the party.

The people that speed could care less how they are pouring cash into an Arab sheik's pocket. There is never a thought given to waste of mental energy as well. Doctors have tested drivers and estimate the stress of driving fast to be many times that of driving normally. Ask a race car driver, I'm sure they'll agree. But remember, race car drivers are extensively-trained professionals. Remember also, race car drivers also die in horrible accidents and they are among the best drivers in the world.

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