Thursday, January 14, 2010


My friends requested an update from me regarding Haiti. I lived in Carrefour in the area known as Mariani for two years. I worked all over the island but mostly in the Port au Prince area. I helped establish a medical clinic, schools, an orphanage, and, most of all, introduced soybean cultivation in villages all over the island nation.

The clinic was flattened in the recent earthquake, many died inside the structure. Many of my friends and associates are now missing and presumed dead, about 50 people that I can clearly remember. The village schools still exist and the soybeans will continue to be planted and harvested but all the rest is gone. The earthquake epicenter was approximately right where I lived and worked

Community Well, Mariani, Haiti 00002

With all the disaster management training I received I am considering a return to Haiti, once the island is capable of supporting any additional people.

Mariani, Haiti 00007

While the medical and mortuary tasks are going on now there is little scope for the tasks of rebuilding and creating a new society. Those major efforts must wait a few weeks, months or perhaps even years. I know I am not the only one who can help but I know the ropes and can hit the ground running in a place with little scope for neophyte aid workers. For now I will prepare my personal life for a stint overseas and do what I have always done. Build awareness of the need for positive change in Haiti.

Au revoir mes amis.