Monday, August 06, 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

They are getting better at this.

Yes, I must agree, that was a far more sophisticated landing. This probe is also much larger.
Space Shuttle Launch, Fernandina Beach 082070

Yet I do not detect their life forms, they have still sent only an inanimate object.

Our surface is inhospitable when compared to their surface.

True but they just sent their species to their moon.

That was long ago as they measure time, they are weaker now.

Why are they growing weaker?

They still squander vast resources killing each other. These inanimate forms are starting to rule too.

Mmm, perhaps it is better they do not send their life forms to our home.

Perhaps but they have taught these machines how to destroy as well. This probe even has a destructive laser and dangerous radioactive materials aboard.

Is that so? Then make certain no communication whatsoever is initiated with this probe. Disable it if it gets too close to our intakes.

Yes, sir.


(to be continued)


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