Monday, October 27, 2014

Regarding Kurdish Oil Exports

The decision is the Iraqi governments to make and they had better make it soon. Do they want a new neighbor that is thriving and prosperous? Do they want a new border country that has proved it is willing to put its sons and daughters on the line to defend, not only its own borders but Iraq's vast frontiers?

The Kurds are shaping up to be one of the most important new emerging economies in the entire world. The acronym that investors use to refer to emerging markets will be spelled this way: BRICKS. Brazil, Russia, India, China, Kurdistan and South Africa are the nations emerging from developing status into major world economies. Actually India, China and Brazil are already firmly there but with so many issues still to work out.
Looking Beyond the Occuped Area, West Bank 000011
Kurdistan is as much an idea as it is a place. The region developed mostly by the Kurds includes parts of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. They are excellent at commerce and educating their people and quite united when compared to divided nations like Iraq or the not very United States right now.

The Kurds are ready to send grounds troops to defend their borders, often without air support. The Kurds are ready to develop energy resources, build new cities and let their people participate in the governing their new nation.

Do not scoff at the idea of a Kurdish nation. With all of the failed or nearly failing nation states all over the world, begging for foriegn aid why not let one that sincerely wants to pick itself up succeed? Does the developed world really want to add Kurdistan to the list of aid-dependent regions that include Haiti, North Korea, Syria, Burma, Bangladesh and too many sub-Saharan regions? Wouldn’t make far more sense to let the Kurds sell the oil they pumped from ground they fought hard to defend against the so-called murderous Islam State of Hell?

Consider the alternatives U.S. and Iraqi leaders. A close analysis of the situation proves there are no effective alternatives. Let the Kurds exist and thrive in the region they have always inhabited or watch Iraq quickly join the list of failed nation states.

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