Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Apple OSX and the Leaning Tower of SFO

NOTE: Briefly, if you tried to upgrade to the new iPhone through in the days after the new iPhone release announcement you knew the stock would be going up. I do that a day or two after every new iPhone goes up for sale. When I saw an expected ship date of November for a jet black iPhone 7 Plus 128GB I immediately stopped the purchase process and switched over to my brokerage account to buy more shares. Works every time.

Apple has a new operating system (iOS 10) out today. Here are my recommendations:

  1. Do not run an update this large until you have backed up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud or a computer. Go to Settings, iCloud, Backup, Back Up Now.
  2. Do not try to run this update over a limited GB mobile hotspot. Use a broadband solution like cable Internet, FioS or high-speed WiFi with the iPhone plugged in to an AC power source.
  3. Do not try this update at work, unless you are fine with not having access to your phone for 30 minutes to an hour or more. The amount of time for the update can vary based on your Internet connection speed and the amount of memory in your iPhone.
  4. Do not upgrade without giving yourself some time to learn about the new features after the upgrade completes. There are many, many new features.  Apple provides some of the improvements at this site:   There are many changes
    shown in Apple’s OS update details.
  5. Expect to run Updates to most if not all major apps after the software update completes. For me this involved another gigabyte of download

Wish List:

The loss of reliability with the fingerprint scanner has been a disappointment. I prefer that security feature over entering a code. Unfortunately my iPhone 6 keeps forgetting all my fingertips. If I power cycle the phone some Fingerprint functionality returns, but only for a short while. I am doing nothing that is altering my fingerprints like woodworking, long soaks in a tub or soldering electronics.

The secure apps that used to run with fingerprint scan are back to requiring complex passwords.

Gazelle is only offering $168 for my iPhone 6 64GB. Better to gift it to a family member.

I sure hope they repair the Wallet application so that it works with more than just one credit card.  Standing there at a cash register while all my credit cards just whirled around and then landed on a random credit card, just like some slot machine, is unacceptable. When those I advised raised the same issue I knew it was not just me. Setting a Primary Card was no help with the ‘spinning credit card” issue.

For a short-term workaround I deleted all but the credit card I primarily use and the issue went away. I have not reviewed all the items included in the new OS version but I sure hope Wallet was fixed.

The Leaning Tower of SFO

You think you have problems?  A $400 million 58-story condo building built out on landfill in San Francisco Bay is turning into the U.S. version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. To build a tall building on a landfill instead of bedrock was absurd. I’m sure the architects and engineers were all qualified but even the experts will sometimes make mistakes. Blaming it on the building next door is not entirely a poor strategy. More weight on the same landfill is bound to exacerbate the issue.

The Millennium Tower has sunk 16 inches in just a few years since completion. It is sinking more on one side than  the other. The rate the structure is sinking may even be increasing. Condo owners cannot be pleased with this development. Personally I would either ask for my money back or find someone more desperate for housing to buy it (maybe not so tough in SFO).

I have never felt comfortable with high-rise structures in common earthquake zones. I know about population density and land-use issues but building a tall building where the earth is known to shake violently is just plain stupid. Driving piles 80 feet down into the landfill instead of 200 feet down may be part of the problem.

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