Friday, December 16, 2016

Likely Consequences of a Trump Presidency

Certain politicians are saying they don't want to openly state that the recent U.S. election was illegitimate. But anyone who has stayed informed of the facts knows it was. This article is not about the efforts of state legislators to disenfranchise old and poor voters, gerrymandering, or the proliferation of fake news sites.
Nuclear Blast 1945
A foreign nation clearly impacted the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The efforts of FBI Director Comey to change the outcome of the election notwithstanding, the election was close enough that the meddling impacted the results.  The United States intelligence community and corporate cybersecurity experts concur that the Russian government interfered throughout the presidential campaign. The specialists in these roles do not make such claims haphazardly. Their careers, the world's banking system and our military network security are based on the accuracy of any claims top cybersecurity people make.

Despite the Russian governments eagerness to hack other nations, the U.S. is still the most technologically advanced nation, by far.  This makes us both successful and vulnerable to targeted attacks. While certain firms or organizations may not always implement the best protection against intrusions from cyberspace, our top people know far more about computer security than any other nation.

How did our nation, known for upholding democratic values the world over, get to this point? That's a complex question but here are a few of the obvious reasons:
  1. One of the candidates openly requested that the Russians hack his opposition's email. The Russians were already doing exactly that. To support a foreign power, to effectively cheer Putin on while his hackers subvert a Presidential election, is treason. Those that consider Trump's off-the-wall comments to be simply jokes are gravely deluded. Careless comments of the most powerful leader on Earth, even poorly composed Twitter posts, can destroy people and jobs. This is cyberbullying on a scale never before imagined.
  2. The candidate that lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes now states he will not attend regular intelligence briefings. Leading blindly while Daesh, the Taliban, al Shabab, Boko Harem, the Hakani network, the Chinese, and the Russians threaten is absolutely foolhardy.
  3. He wants to prosecute news reporters and judges. He wants to begin a trade war with our largest trading partner, China.
  4. Trump even wants to resume the torture program begun under George W. Bush. None of these acts even closely resembles a person capable of morally leading the U.S.. All of these and so many other demonstrations of ineptitude prove Trump capable of leading our nation, only to chaos and ruin, not success.
  5. Trump declares his first act in office will be to take away the health insurance of 20 million young or poor Americans.
  6. He refuses to divest his business holdings. Conflict of interest is yet another concept Trump has chosen to ignore.
  7. Trump intends to abolish Freedom of Religion by deportation of people solely based on religious orientation.
  8. Cyberwarefare is not something a President can take lightly. This form of war can destroy industries, lives and even nations. The U.S. is not innocent in this regard, we destroyed Iran's uranium centrifuges using computer espionage. The U.S. has interfered in the elections of other nations. President Obama has even promised some sort of retaliation for Russia's acts of war. Gandhi once stated, "An eye for eye leaves the whole world blind." But we cannot stand idly by while Putin invades our computer networks like he invaded the Ukraine. The Russians shot down an Airbus, has everyone but the victim's families forgotten this grotesque fact?
Don't expect the members of the Electoral College to step up to rectify this huge mistake. While some individuals do understand the consequences of confirming Trump, the collective will likely behave like obedient sheep. Just like animals being led to the slaughterhouse except these people clearly know an electric cattle prod and torture chambers lie ahead.

People, including members of the existing, if shattered, Republican Party, know exactly what lies ahead. Ineptitude in public office leads to charges of corruption and eventually impeachment. Has everyone forgotten Richard Nixon? That is exactly what will be happening long before Trump's four years in office come to an end.

Those who think Congress, as currently configured, would not vote to impeach do not know history. When our nation is brought to it's financial and moral knees during Trump's initial months in office, even hardline Tea Party types will have to confront their financially-ruined constituents. Emergency Rooms will struggle to handle waves of newly uninsured patients. Trade embargoes will cripple many industries. Those who conduct business or travel overseas will experience a spike in violent attacks. Every CEO of a major firm needs to get their hands on a copy of the book "Blindsided" by Bruce T. Blythe (New York: Penguin, 2002), now.

If he is permitted to continue in office World War 3 will start, perhaps only in the trade community at first but these will soon be followed by violent attacks on embassies, our citizens and our armed forces.

When Trump announces the resumption of the Draft Boards to build an army to fight his wars it will be too late for our nation to turn back. Don't count this or any other previously unbelievable scenarios out. Just like we cannot assume the Electoral College will deny Trump the office of the President, we cannot assume nuclear weapons will not be used by the grossly inept oligarchy being setup right now. Trump has stated so himself.

The first detonation of a nuclear weapon in a heavily populated area since Japan will mark the beginning of the end of mankind's existence on Earth. By that time the regrets of the Electors and the delusional people that voted for this vengeful misogynist will be too late. We will not even have a moment to hug our children one last time before the brilliant flash of light illuminates the end of civilization as we know it.

Few in the Press or in politics want to explore the certain tragic outcomes of a Trump presidency. The recent run up in U.S. financial markets provides only a temporary and false hope that things might go well. Trade wars will wreak havoc on everyone's retirement accounts. What is described above is only a glimpse of the human tragedy, the environmental ruin and the eventual scope of destruction possible. The world barely survived the last dictator bent on world domination. The weapons at the disposal of the U.S. President and other leaders today can mutually assure the destruction of all nations.

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