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New Kid In Town

White House, Washington DC 077787

Lately I've taken to following world events from the point of view of intellectual authors and writers in India. I've always enjoyed BBC, Le Monde, Deutsche Welle and CBC articles along with NPR broadcasts. There is little international coverage comparable to NPR or Lyse Doucet at BBC or Carol Off and Jeff Douglas of As It Happens. At least so I thought until I got into the work of today's Indian reporters (ANI, PTI, Indo-Asian News Service, CNI, Samachar Bharti and UNI) and historians. They cover every fact, dispel every fake news story and hardly miss any major U.S. developments. Just like the New York Times, Post or Economist, only even more thoroughly, and objectively, in many cases. Indian readers demand this accuracy. Foreign journalists stand right alongside the rest of the Press Corps in the White House, but most Americans never bother to search for this coverage. Except for the cool party every year where they roast the President, Foreign Correspondents are logically most followed by people in their home nations. This will continue unless or until Trump expels the entire Press Corps from the White House Press briefing room.

Where are the Supply Chains?

Unlike many popular American news sources, Indian writers have figured out Trump can't possibly keep almost any of the promises he made, it is simply illogical to think otherwise. He cannot easily back the U.S. out of most treaties or agreements, he cannot get Mexico to pay for a wall, and this whole bring back a significant number of manufacturing jobs to America, all nonsense. New treatys take time, often years to formulate. The wall? We'll get to that later. There is no supply chain left in the U.S. for key types of manufacturing, like electronics. Those also take years to build.

Sure companies will shuffle chairs around and proclaim new jobs created. Look closely at the claims so far, few and far between are the real net jobs. Not that new good-paying jobs would not be a welcome relief. The new careers that look promising are more likely to be in areas related to alternative energy, design, chemistry, physics and nanotechnology. These are not yet areas where unemployed steel or auto workers are likely to be retrained. Don't expect the old mill at the end of town to re-open this or next. It's a rusted out hulk by now and needs to be torn down.

But that's the best idea, create jobs yourself, by coming up with new ideas and start hiring all your poorly paid neighbors. That's a workable concept, along with patching the roads into and out of town, repairing that old bridge across the railroad tracks to the mill that isn't open any more. But wait, the recovery you wished for during the campaign already happened, under that hardworking young last President. Obama. The one the most obstructionist Congress in history tried to stop. But didn't really. Racism is still there and I heard no plan to change that out of the mouth of that supposedly rich guy from New York.

Many Problems Were Fixed

Unemployment actually is low right now. Another point Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh never had time to cover while spewing so much hate for the great President that happened to also be a black man, and a white man, and a gentleman, and a scholar. All the truth, look into it when you’re sitting there wondering why the guy you voted for turned out to be such a jerk. Why you're wife or child is being denied affordable health care. Now you'll learn why they really called it the Affordable Care Act and not that other name. But now you'll have big pharma and big health care back taking every last cent out of your pockets and putting in theirs. While you head to the bankruptcy court so your wife can continue chemo treatments.

Besides affordable healthcare, Americans already have one of most everything they need or desire. Our bridges and roads are in bad shape but still passable in most cases. It is the rest of the world where new buyers and new markets and new infrastructure needs are found. Do you really think the makers of everything at WalMart are going to move their plants to Toledo or Detroit? Do you realize how high the prices of all that Asian stuff in your house would be if they were made here? You couldn't afford most of them. What happens if you take all the t-shirt production out of Cambodia and Bangladesh? The answer is, you don't, there are few mills left in the States and even fewer people that know how to operate the equipment used in today's mills.


Afraid of imported BMWs or Mercedes? The firms that could afford to build profitable plants in the U.S. have already constructed them here. That Mercedes delivery van wasn't imported from Germany. Go check. The other things can't and never will be made here. Foreign car and truck firms already build their largest new plants already in the southern U.S., they export up to 70% of what they make there! Chrysler is owned by Italy's Fiat. Airbus builds here too. Now, there's an idea, make something here and ship it overseas. But wait, the inexperienced leader some of us elected to office didn't realize that other nations might place tariffs on new Boeings is we raise import tariffs. There's also the WTO out there to penalize those that do try to start trade wars, even U.S. administrations.

No, the reality is far too integrated for the man that claims to be able to segregate all the Muslims and send them home. The U.S. is the birthplace of millions of Muslims and Jews and Atheists and spiritual groups most have never heard of. You cannot unmix a smoothie. Or fence it in.

Excuse me for laughing but if you build a 20 foot wall, you'll just be boosting sales of 22 foot ladders on the other side. That truth precedes the Crusades, even the Romans knew that! Indian authors in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi speak to these truths, though in far more polite English and Hindi and Urdu and Bangla. They make Fox News look like a high school student's project.

Sure they may also be conservative Hindu BJP or UPA, NDA or Congress party supporters at root, but they get their facts straight. That's because most intelligent people in India read and study so much, getting advanced degrees and using their minds to stay aware of the world they inhabit. I learned this long ago on my 6 trips all over India.


We are the Dodo birds or passenger pigeons, alone on our island, hardly aware of the bloodthirsty hunters among us about to bring about our extinctions. Fake news begat fake leaders who turn in plagiarized homework that will quickly not make the grade. We flunk because we didn't study hard enough, especially the math and science. Parents in other nations, like India and China and Japan did make their kids do that tough homework.

You're Fired

Watergate, Washington, DC 13528

Remember how long it took for the nation to understand the magnitude of what Richard Nixon during the Re-elect the President campaign? What happened when everyone, Republican and Democrat, finally learned the truth about Watergate? The FBI, CIA and Treasury departments are already deep into an investigation based on communication between the Russians and Paul Manafort and other Trump campaign officials. The hacking of the DNC email servers sounds eerily like the Watergate Break-In. Trump's profits from the Old Post Office Building (a Federal government property) alone represents a clear violation of the law. Writers in India have already parsed this and other likely scenarios out in fine detail.

Old Post Office, Washington, DC 12125

I'm wondering if the old huckster that wouldn't rent to black people until he was sued for discrimination isn't going into Twitter withdrawal symptoms soon. You see, Presidents cannot use social media. Personal phones aren't allowed in the Oval Office. Thankfully.

The Truth Exists, Like It or Not

Don't believe in global warming? Like that's going to stop the glaciers from melting, the seas rising and people heading for higher ground, in any nation above water. Climate events aren't about the stop just because you don't believe it. Aldous Huxley once said, "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." 

Wouldn't show us his tax returns? Well then, obviously he cheats on his taxes. Any columnist worth his Macbook in Mumbai knows that. Big time. Warren Buffet even called The Donald out on that one and who knows more about a rich man's tax forms than Warren Buffet. And no, I'm not talking about the guy that sings that "Wasted Again in Margaritaville" song, that's Jimmy Buffet. Warren Buffet founded Berkshire Hathaway, currently valued around $400 billion. You need to stop tweeting Donald and eat your mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Twitter Withdrawal

But like a spoiled teen not permitted to text during Thanksgiving dinner, will he go all catatonic? Heaven forbid, what are they saying about him in the Twittersphere? Sir, you have Vlad the Impaler holding on line 2. If you don't lose the sanctions the Moscow hotel room video hits the airwaves. After that we go live with the actual recordings of your campaign staff coordinating DNS hacking with the Russians. Kompromat, you know that Russian word very well, don't you Mr. Apprentice?

So do the London bookies. I'm not going to post the link to Ladbroke's, I don't promote fool's errands like the lottery or gambling. But they do like to bet in the UK. And that means they study the odds of certain events happening. The current odds favor impeachment in the first year by 4 to 1 and it only gets worse. These are on display because people in England want to place these actual bets, they like the odds and some bettors will win.

The Emperor really has no clothes on this time. And everyone can see that plain as day. It doesn't even take the little child standing by the side of the road jumping up and down pointing at the naked fat man walking down the road. 70 is well past the time for positive change in a rich kid's sheltered life in a fishbowl. You're living in downtown DC now Mr. Trump, not back home in New York City. There's a huge difference in how the game is played in this town. It's hardball.

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